Thursday, December 29, 2005

SquareEnix gets Heartless

For anyone who wasn't aware, Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in Japan just before Christmas. In case any of you feel like teasing yourself (except for the twins, who regularly play import games and could play it right now if they were so inclined-- bastards), here's a preview from Gamespot. Be forewarned that they claim (in bold caps) that the second paragraph is spoiler-iffic. I wasn't brave enough to read it myself, since I hate spoilers. We should be able to see Mickey getting down with his bad-ass self on this side of the ocean in just over a couple months' time. The delay seems excessive to me, since I believe the Japanese game has english audio with Japanese subtitles, in order to preserve the lovable iconic Disney voices. In any case, I'd been able to keep my enthusiasm down up until now, but March 1st suddenly seems very far away indeed.

[Note: FYI, for the unfortunate few among you who haven't played it (I think that roughly 1/2 of my regular readers have), the post title is a KH reference.]


Anonymous Travis said...

I know where I could get KH2, but even if I wanted it, I need to empty some hard drive space before I get anything else. I did just get Cartagra by Innocent Grey (PS2 version, so it is not naughty). I have been eagerly waiting for this since I played the demo for the PC version last April. I am glad it is voiced. That should help make it a little easier to understand.

Friday, December 30, 2005 1:39:00 AM  

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