Friday, September 09, 2005

A Fool and his Money (or lack thereof)

I don't think I like money. At the very least, I don't like keeping it. I have this insatiable urge to buy shiny new things, that:

A) Will (sometimes) cost less if I wait.
B) I don't have any time to actually enjoy.
C) I recently cannot afford.

Whether it be video games, anime, or manga, I carefully review online catalogues at the beginning of every month and make detailed and categorized lists of what will be coming out when (and update older entries if release dates have been moved), and then preorder anything that is due out in the next month, either from EB or Amazon. I then eagerly go and pick them up (or have them delivered) when they become available, and proceed to immediately shove them on one of my overflowing shelves and lament how long it will be before I likely will get to enjoy them, adding them to my mental queue of things I have to do (well, priority queue, actually, since certain games and/or shows get watched after far less of a wait than others). And the queue never gets shorter-- only longer.

It doesn't help that my tastes tend to favour anything that is incredibly time-consuming. Whether it be 200 hour RPGs, 70 volume manga, or 52 episode anime, I like to specifically buy the things that I know will take far too much of my time. I can't even enjoy my leisure time anymore-- no matter what I'm doing, I feel pressured to do it quicker so that I can get onto the next thing. But no matter how much I hurry, I can't make any headway-- I have essentially had no responsibilities or time-drains for the last 4 months, and yet my queue has still gotten longer. What this means is that it is impossible that I will ever catch up if I continue to buy things at my current rate, which I seem unable to stop doing. I will (hopefully) start working, the new TV season will start, and the time I have to devote to such things will drop to a quarter of what I have now. God help me if I enter into a relationship, or possibly start a family further down the road.

And the killer is that I wish I had more time to expand my tastes. There are plenty more video games, anime, and manga that I'd like to buy if time permitted. Whenever I hear about something new and quite good that doesn't fit my purchasing profile, I find myself wishing I had time for it. I let myself buy Katamari Damashii this year, and it was like a breath of fresh air when compared to the stagnation of my usual purchases. But I'll leave that for a future rant on my depressingly masochistic video game habits.


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