Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Too Many Parentheses (Seriously), Not Enough Sleep

So, I tried going to bed earlier for a few days, in anticipation of the Backbone information session, and failed miserably, dragging myself out of bed after only 2-3 hours of sleep (on a side note, I shouldn't have gone, because it was very interesting and made me want to make video games for a living, a dream I thought I had abandoned years ago when I decided to go to UNB instead of Digipen). With that in mind, I knew I wouldn't be able to get turned around in time for today's interview with DoT (which is distressing, since I'm used to being able to sleep whatever hours I choose from day to day), and I didn't want to look tired, so I took Aiden's advice and spent the last couple of days staying up later and later, which comes to me easily. So, I got up today (well, yesterday, now) at 9PM, and should have no problem staying up until late this afternoon, well after my morning interview. In fact, I may keep staying up later and later for the next few days until I can get back on a normal (well, maybe a little later than normal) sleep schedule. I've been having trouble scheduling my meals lately (I cooked myself frozen fish, fries, and nuggets yesterday morning at 8AM for my supper), but today I'm keeping almost the exact hours I did when I worked nights at Walmart (it occurs to me that these long awkward bracketed tangents are kind of the precursors to embedded hyperlinks, albeit more distracting and less optional), so I'm using that as a frame of reference.

Wow, that first paragraph is one giant parenthetical trainwreck. I've changed the title of this post accordingly. Let's see how paragraph number two goes (well, ignoring this one). Crap. That doesn't bode well...

Anyway, I'm generally not nervous about interviews, since I'm an interview machine, but DoT's sure trying their damndest. I have a one hour test which I don't know the content of (I'm presuming it consists of IT questions, but it could easily be some kind of HR profiling stuff), and it's on the 4th floor of King's Place, a complex that I've set foot in only once and that I thought was only 2 floors, and a place so inconveniently located that I'll likely have to park in the nearby parking garage, which I've never done before. Then I have a BBI, or behaviour-based interview, which is a fancy was of saying questions along the lines of: "Describe an instance in your past where you had a coworker named Corry who talks too much and tell us how you dealt with it." While these kinds of questions are certainly common, I've never had an interview focused on them specifically, and I've also been told that I'll need to identify someone who can corroborate each of my answers, so that I can't make up lies about how Craig stole my stapler I guess. I'd be surprised if they actually bothered to confirm any answers, instead hoping that the possibility will be enough to keep candidates honest. Finally, I really don't have much else on my plate at the moment, since the job openings seemed to have dried up over the last few weeks, and I'm officially living off my credit card, so I need a job fast, which means I need this to go well. In any case, I'm sure the nervousness will pass once I get my interview clothes on and get into interview mode. Well, time to browse the DoT website. Wish me luck.

P.S. Everyone should watch "My Name Is Earl", the new NBC comedy about a hick starring Jason Lee of Mallrats fame. Also, it's followed by The Office, starring Steve Carell, which, while not as good as the British original, is still very funny and isn't being given a fair shake. And while I'm at it, everyone should watch Arrested Development too, which began its 3rd season this week without missing a beat.


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